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You want to publish YOUR PROJECT or TOPIC ?

OPEN CALL RESEARCH ARTS offers all interested authors the opportunity to present their project or topic in the activity sections of "researching", "translating", "questioning" or "cooperating".

How does it work?

  1. To apply, please send your request to: sveciana [@]
  2. General and application instructions can be found here. There are no deadlines.
  3. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and within 4 weeks a notice of selection.

We look forward to your contributions.


RESEARCH ARTS offers a publication opportunity to all artists, scientists, engineers and interested citizens who find themselves at the crossroads between art, science, technology and society. The range of topics is broad. Multidisciplinary themes / project presentations that relate to topical issues are preferred. The texts will be published in the language or languages (DE, EN, ES) in which they are submitted.


  1. FORMAT: The contributions include a main text, an abstract/summary and a brief statement about the author. The main text should not exceed 1200 words. In special cases, exceptions can be made, but preferably not more than 2000 words. Exceptions may be made in special cases, but preferably no more than 2000 words please. The abstracts/summaries and the statement about the author should not exceed 100 words in length.
  2. IMAGES: Up to five pictures can be added to the application. Please include all relevant image specifications. The author is responsible for obtaining all copyrights and rights of use.
    a) Title of the contributed text. Please always translate the title into English. Plus: The first publication date.
    b) Name of the author, country, email address.
    c) (optional): Name of organization, country, link.
    d) An indication of the number of words, number of figures and precise image details.
  4. SUBMIT: Please send your application to the email: sveciana [@] The review does not follow the international standard  of a scientific review in terms of an (unilaterally) anonymous review by at least two independent experts for each subject. The main person responsible for the review is Dr. Stella Veciana.
  5. DEADLINES OF SUBMISSION: There are no deadlines.
  6. DEADLINE OF FINAL TEXT: Once the paper is accepted, the text will be sent back, eventually with some suggestions for changes. We encourage you to send back your final draft within 2 weeks.
  7. COPYRIGHT: Unless otherwise indicated, the texts of the website RESEARCH ARTS platform are published under the Creative Commons License Attribution - Share Alike offered conditions. The authors are responsible for all rights regarding the content of their contributions. See Imprint.
  8. PAYMENT: All contributions to RESEARCH ARTS are unpaid. On the other hand, authors will not be charged for the review, proofreading and publication of the papers.
  9. ETHICS: Publication Ethics is expected. Publication ethics is considered breached for example by "plagiarism", i.e. the appropriation of a someone else’s intellectual work, or by "argumentum ad hominem", i.e. to attack an author's arguments making references to personal characteristics or circumstances.

    For any further questions please contact: sveciana [@]

Thank you
for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. Welcome to the formative team of authors of RESEARCH ARTS. Through your work, you contribute to giving a wider public access to topics and projects at the crossroads between art, science, technology and society. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

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